Tuesday, November 30th
01:35am 30/11/2004
  Nothing from nowhere i am no one at all.

Dont worry i dont think i will update this again.
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Monday, June 21st
01:03am 21/06/2004
mood: BAH!!
Did i mention im leaving for a week?
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Sunday, June 20th
.:Yes, this is about you.::.   
12:23am 20/06/2004
mood: i want to swear at you.
Im tired, im astonished.
You understand, you care.
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Saturday, June 19th
01:03am 19/06/2004
mood: so happy and so sad
Hmm, heres a new picture.
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The most nostalgic day ever.
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Friday, June 18th
07:40pm 18/06/2004
mood: None, or other
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12:50am 18/06/2004
  my kitty is cuddling....she normally doesn't do that. scared maybe?  
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12:32am 18/06/2004
mood: lightning
Holy lightning, ive never seen this much lightning around here before, its been going on for like two hours. Its slowly getting closer and louder, and more often. I had my camera out for some of it, i hope it got some good shots. i dont know though. I never really read up on lightning photography....cause i didn't think i would get many opprotunities.
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Thursday, June 17th
12:49am 17/06/2004
mood: better
i think i might be getting sick and thats no fun. And i should probably go to bed. Or i could stay up and watch tv, or play a game on the computer. or i could work some. skipping going to bed, those are in order of worst to best. there is nothing decent and vaguely entertaining on at this hour. so i would probably end up just flipping channels for an hour. The game would bring some entertainment, but no real satisfaction. If i worked i could count it down for hours and earn some money. unless i worked on the one the sites im doing for free. The downside is that i would probably get frusturated. I dont think i could be a programmer. i just get so bored of it so fast, i can only work for like an hour before i get sick of it. unless i get into a groove and its moving along fast and im getting alot done. even then, no more then three hours top. probably more like two. I wish i didn't have to be on a computer to do that work. I like more movement in my work, actual labor, not just typeing and alot of thinking. I like work i have to thinking about and pay attention to detail, unless its slow and i have to think more then work. I like roofing because you have to think, about staying on the roof, about the shingles lining up properly, making sure they are overlaying right and then the pyshical part of shooting them in, holding them on, etc. And it goes quick, i mean, depending on the size of the roof, but it takes about one minute to lay down of sheet of shingles, which is fast, its actually faster once you get into a groove and just kind go and, yeah its great, its really rewarding to, cause it takes a long time but it goes by quickly enough and you get paid. Its alittle uncomfortable and you very much exposed to the eliments. but its still nice. framing is nice to, Its simple, but not as simple as it looks, theres alot you need to think about, and you cant just blow through it, but it still goes fast. I do enjoy constructions. Most all aspects of it. I dont like the demolition side of it, just because its usually messy and dusty and just not organized, it takes no thought most of the time either, smash, pick up, put into a bag, haul to pile, repeat 1000x I like finishing work, but not so intricate that i cant make small mistakes. putting up trim is nice, when you doing correctly, putting in flooring is nice too. sheetrocking is okay to, unless its in akward positions or is dusty, sheetrock has tendancy to be really dusty. I like building decks to. Nice even things, clean, simple, but thoughtful.

hmm, now im back to my choice of what to do. i like getting into my rants. so much! i feel, cleaned out, back to a simple life. then i remembered that ive been spending all my time making my life complex and get sucked back into that. I hope you read this.
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Monday, June 14th
07:59pm 14/06/2004
  nevermind, that was stupid  
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Sunday, June 13th
11:50pm 13/06/2004
  Ive been listening to this song for more then a year. and it is still the best song i have ever heard, especially my recording. I am stating this for the record....

Which Burns More by A Second Chance is my favorite song of all time

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11:37pm 13/06/2004
mood: content
I have five webpages to work on, this makes me happy. What doesn't make me happy is that i am only getting paid for one. But there is still some work left on it i need to do so i can still get some monies, you want to see it you say? well go here www.northwestwoodcrafters.com

The next webpage is my personal one, that will include my pictures and offer my services as a webdesigner. But i am lazy with this one...that and i can never settle on what i want it to look like. Cause its usually based on my mood and the music im listening to. which you probably all know changes regularly.

next, is a fansite for this providence, which i havn't really started, its not very high on the importance list.

next, is a website for aaron who wants to start an on-line bible study. Ive got a nice little format going, he wanted me to style it after Livejournal, so i am going to have to figure out how to have comments and stuff like that.

next, is a website for redlightambition, actually, i dont know if they want me to do it. But i offered my services....cause it would be fun. And yes since they are a poor band i will do it for free. Think about michael...just dont get impatient with me when i slack off.....cause im lazy.

For those of you who pray, would you pray for me to have confidence? and a clear mind when it comes to talking to people? i would greatly appreicate it......
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